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CIRCLES-picVideo recordings of the exclusive CIRCLES Retreat

This was an intense seven day training’ve given at Joy & Roy Martina at home in
the United States for a select group CIRCLES members. These members
Participated as part of Their year-long membership. All Participants
have gone through some intense processes and have quantum
leaps In Their personal development and learned how Their
message to present better ..


7 days are focused on

  • Latest Developments or Chris Tallinn Source Healing method, the latest-including flow
    charts and Their interpretation
  • Working with family protectors of the ancestral bloodline for the cleaning or inherited
    DNA mutations and conflicts
  • The removal of internal sabotage and destructive patterns That success in the way
  • Learning how to present yourself / Sell practitioner / expert in each field of expertise
  • The development of the so-called. “Million Dollar message” and how to use it
  • Discovering new ways to position your practice and attract new clients.
  • The activation of the frontal cortex of your brain to Achieve That You no longer live and
    act from survival mode (reptilian brain). You put through the frontal cortex (the youngest in our brain evolution) the foundation for a life connected to love, happiness , health, peace and abundance.
  • Explaining the concept of heart walls, how we build and How They break it down for
    a more successful and loving life at all levels.

Download link for the new flowcharts goes with this product

Languages: Joy and Roy speak English with translation into German

Pay attention! This is an advanced workout! For the full understanding of the techniques and approaches, it is essential to Joy and Roy’s pioneering techniques to teach first through the “Chris Tallinn Source Healing” course.

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