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The Quantum HEALYou Master Practitioner (Incl. Practitioner)

In the Quantum HEALYOU Master Practitioner Training© you will learn how to use the Healy to take your Practice to a higher level and present you and your clients with much deeper issues to work on than the obvious: the story behind the story. The Quantum Field is where all blends together: past (lives), present (potentiality) and future (possibilities).

You will understand that there is no separation between practitioner and client and that each session benefits both. In this Advanced Training you will benefit in many ways: personal growth, spiritual growth, prosperity, health and happiness.
Also use it to make an (additional) income as a Certified Coach, Therapist or Healer or to help others in need for free if you prefer. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs to build their business with more grace, ease and joy. We will show you how!

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Included in the Certified HEALYou MASTER PRACTITIONER:

  • The HEALYOU Master Practitioner Course contains: (in addition to the Beginners & Practitioners)
  • 14 X Online Interactive Masterclasses
  • Pdf’s of each PowerPoint as a Cheatsheet
  • E-books
  • Ebook "Explanation Health Programs"
  • Healy Opportunity Discovery
  • Qualification for Master Practitioner Certification (after you do an open book Multiple Choice Test)
  • Membership to the Quantum HEALYou Martina Facebook Group
  • Email Support
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If you follow the training and apply what you learn and after 60 days you are not happy with what you’ve learned, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your workshop fee!

Healy World GmbH has a 14-day return policy for the Healy.

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What They're Saying

"it transforms my waking hours."

Dr. Joy & Roy Martina are as beautiful and authentic off camera as they are on camera. They’re the real deal. I dove into their Brain Training and WOW… it transforms my waking hours.

Lisa Sasevich
Entrepreneur, Speaker, 'Queen of Sales Conversion'

"it's phenomenal!"

I really encourage you to check out their website and to work with them. I’ve done some work with them, and it’s phenomenal!

Jack Canfield
Originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series