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The 5-day ONLINE Training in Quantum BUSINESS Hypnosis © for entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, consultants and therapists.

The primary goal of this training is to permanently open that connection to your Quantum Self, allowing you to communicate directly with your Quantum Self. And that’s why this training is for anyone who wants to get more out of life and live the best life possible.

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Quantum Business Hypnose - Online (English)
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As a Quantum BUSINESS Hypnosis participant, you'll receive...

  • Online access to the 5-day Certification Training in our exclusive membership site for you and up to three other people
  • Including 4 online practice & integration evenings
  • Each enrollee will receive their QBH certificate upon completion (max 4)
  • Including accompanying Meditations (MP3 audio)
  • Including manual and flowcharts (PDF)
  • BONUS: ONLINE SELF-HYPNOSIS - can be followed from home (worth € 799)
  • BONUS: The 'Ultimate Habits' training (worth € 1499,-)
  • BONUS: The Best of the Best Masterclass (worth € 199,-)
  • BONUS: AM/PM Brain Training (worth € 199,-)
  • If you do it at home you don't have time to stick to it, the training is completely online and you can do it for as long as you and your partner want!

Cancellation Policy

Given the special circumstances we live in regarding the corona crisis, we are dependent on governmental regulations and may have to adapt or change our programme.

Cancellation of physical participation for whatever reason including illness, car trouble, thunderstorms, etc., of a Quantum Multiverse live event automatically means a conversion to online participation of the course in question.

Equal ticket value may be transferred to another person or to another date depending on availability.