Drs Roy Martina

Quantum Integration Money Codes® Online Challenge including Remote Influencing with the Healy Resonance©

In this online challenge, Drs. Joy & Roy skillfully teach you how to transform your life using a unique blend of quantum science, subliminal metaphorical coded dream inceptions during your sleep, Advanced Quantum Timeline Jumping meditations, ancient breathing sabotage clearing principles, self-hypnosis and self-empowerment practices.

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21-DAY Quantum Money Codes Challenge
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As a Quantum Money Integration Codes® participant, you'll enjoy...

  • 21 Daily 30 minutes meetings (you can do at any time)
  • Daily scan with the Healy Resonance of the group’s collective of the Chakras and immediate correction with the balancing frequencies and intention setting.
  • Daily setting of intentions with the Christallin Command.
  • Daily tapping of 1 Money Code Block with the Emotional Balance Acupressure 5 Element Techniques.
  • Daily short Quantum Timeline Jump to your desired outcome with metaphorical visualization techniques of your deepest desires.
  • A full Sleep Dream Inception Brain-training to build your new Holographic Money Attracting Identity (Your Quantum Identity).
  • And Video Bonus material to understand how to keep attracting your desired outcome with the Quantum Laws of creating time portals.
  • Every week Dr. Joy Martina will channel to the group a message of Christallin
  • Bonus #1 – I Love Money Frequency Meditation
  • Bonus #2 AM-PM meditation training
  • Bonus #3 Quantum Intention Training
  • Bonus #4 – Om Nah Breathing Karma Release Video & Audio
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You have to take enough risks in life, this shouldn’t be one of them. Try this out for 30 days on me and if you aren’t happy just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

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