The Quantum HEALYou Beginner's Training

The Quantum HEALYOU Beginner’s Training© is for anyone who wants a fast start and a basic understanding of how to work with the programs Healy offers. As soon as you order your Healy, you can start preparing with this training. By the time your Healy arrives, you are already up to speed.

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Quantum HEALYou Beginners Training
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Included in the Certified HEALYou BEGINNER'S Training:

  • 13 X Online Interactive Masterclasses (20-40 minutes each)
  • Pdf’s of each PowerPoint as a Cheatsheet
  • E-book "How to Deal with Inflammation with Just 3 Spices"
  • Membership to the Quantum HEALYou Martina Facebook Group
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If you follow the training and applied what you learn and you’re not satisfied with what you learned after 60 days, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your workshop fee!

Healy World GmbH has a 14-day return policy for the Healy.

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