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UPGRADE: Quantum Materialization Challenge including Remote Influencing with the Healy Resonance©

This ticket will UPGRADE you from 30 day access to 12 months access + extra trainings. You will master our ‘Mindset Clearing Techniques’ to eliminate ALL negative mindsets and limiting beliefs. The future is yours!

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(UPGRADE) Quantum Materialization Challenge (year long access)
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As a Quantum Materialization Challenge participant, you'll...

  • Become EMPOWERED… you will have access to proven potent anti-sabotage techniques that only a handful of people have ever experienced and use these to get out of the procrastination and I am hopeless mode.
  • Become INSPIRED... you will have a NEW blueprint that will spark the next phase of your personal transformation to become the greatest grandest version of yourself.
  • Become AWAKENED… because you can experience the ability to have, do, or be whatever you choose.


You have to take enough risks in life, this shouldn’t be one of them. Try this out for 30 days on me and if you aren’t happy just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

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