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In this online challenge, Drs. Joy & Roy skillfully teach you how to transform your life using a unique blend of quantum science, subliminal metaphorical coded dream inceptions during your sleep, Advanced Quantum Timeline Jumping meditations, ancient breathing sabotage clearing principles, self-hypnosis and self-empowerment practices.

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As a Quantum Money Integration Codes® participant, you'll enjoy...

  • 21 Daily 30 minutes meetings (you can do at any time)
  • Daily scan with the Healy Resonance of the group’s collective of the Chakras and immediate correction with the balancing frequencies and intention setting.
  • Daily setting of intentions with the Christallin Command.
  • Daily tapping of 1 Money Code Block with the Emotional Balance Acupressure 5 Element Techniques.
  • Daily short Quantum Timeline Jump to your desired outcome with metaphorical visualization techniques of your deepest desires.
  • A full Sleep Dream Inception Brain-training to build your new Holographic Money Attracting Identity (Your Quantum Identity).
  • And Video Bonus material to understand how to keep attracting your desired outcome with the Quantum Laws of creating time portals.
  • Every week Dr. Joy Martina will channel to the group a message of Christallin
  • Bonus #1 – I Love Money Frequency Meditation
  • Bonus #2 AM-PM meditation training
  • Bonus #3 Quantum Intention Training
  • Bonus #4 – Om Nah Breathing Karma Release Video & Audio
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Our Unconditional Guarantee

We’re confident that The Om-Nah Karma Burning. Release Technique alone will have a holistic effect on your health, happiness, and fulfilment and we are offering the following guarantee:

By the end of the 21-days (where you have fully participated in this challenge) if you don’t think the concepts and tools provided will help transform your MINDSET and well-being, simply let us know by emailing [email protected] before the last day and we’ll give you a free Bonus (Surprise) valued more than this challenge and you can keep any gifts and bonuses you’ve already received.

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